tera hollinden--The Hollinden Team

Tera Hollinden comes to us from a real estate family and grew up in the Pewee Valley, area. She loves sports and outdoor activities. Tera enjoys reading and loves animals. She joined The Hollinden Team as it offered a different perspective, endless possibilities, and a chance to grow within the industry.  Tera works with all types of clients, and to date has a high sale of $1,300,000. In just her third year as a licensed agent she totaled over $5 Million in sales. She looks forward to breaking both of these numbers as she furthers her knowledge and experiences.
Tera works primarily as a buyer’s agent, yet is experienced with sellers as well.  This gives her perspective on how buyers and sellers think and makes her a better agent. Being versatile is a key component in her success. Knowing what to expect from both sides of the industry allows her to have the knowledge she needs to educate her clients, no matter if selling or purchasing. Tera’s attitude is laid back and optimistic. She is a go getter who is dedicated to her work and her clients, perfect for our challenging market in Louisville, KY.
Growing up with a real estate background, Tera has been exposed to an enormous amount of experiences, knowledge and of course, solutions. This allows her to educate and guide her clients with all of the different choices they need to make throughout the duration of the home buying, or selling process.
Whether it is their first big move or their last, Tera Hollinden is ready to assist in the process and will guide them through every step of the way. There is nothing more comforting then knowing you are not alone and someone is there to support you. You can reach her at 502-387-4167.

Tera Hollinden