Fixer-Upper Home or New Home in Louisville?

So, you are in the market for a new home in Louisville. You see many homes on the Internet, both new and old. Both options seem intriguing. The idea of saving some money on the sales price and buying a fixer-upper home sounds pretty appealing. On the other hand, how nice would it be to move into a home that was brand new and completely move-in ready? How do you make such a tough decision? We will discuss a few factors to help you decide.

What makes rehab homes in Louisville so attractive to buyers? The most obvious reason is the price. Typically, if a home needs a lot of work that the seller isn’t willing to do, the listing price is low. Likewise, fixer-uppers allow buyers to move into more desirable neighborhoods for less money. In addition to saving on the sales price, distressed properties in Louisville provide savings on Jefferson County property taxes. Many times, distressed homes in Louisville allow homeowners to take advantage of a tax credit for their rehabilitation costs. Often this tax credit will apply to historic homes only (Hurwith,2016).  Read More...

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