Forest Village Patio Home Living Louisville KY

Steve Dobbs has been in Forest Village for about 7 months.  When we moved in August, the first thing I noticed was that there was no grass for ME to mow.  We were so consumed with moving and getting set up, it seemed a blessing.  As fall approached, leaves were starting to drop; yet we left the rakes in the attic along with the typical allergic reaction to oak leaves.  As winter approached, I left the snow shovels in the attic, as I knew that the Forest Village Condo Association would take care of the streets and driveways if there were to be a significant snowfall event.  We had a little snow this week, but a push broom was adequate to get the area cleared.

So now, I am starting to get used to this lack of normal outdoor activity.  We still pull our own weeds and maintain our shrubbery, but it is not a big deal.  In Forest Village, the association maintains the horticulture in the very front.  The individual homeowner can add shrubbery on the side and front nearest the living quarters.  They are also responsible for maintaining what they planted.

Inside the house, we still maintain and make the normal improvements that we would in a normal single family residence. There is still the toilet to fix, carpet to clean, and walls to paint that we have been used to our whole life.

Is Patio Home living for you?  Feel free to contact Steve Dobbs at (502) 475-3312 to discuss the pros and cons of condo-style living versus living in a stand-alone house.

If interested, Forest Village Patio Homes will give an in depth description and show you Patio Homes for sale.

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