The Hollinden Team attends the Louisville Home, Garden, and Remodel show

The Hollinden Team attended the Louisville Home, Garden, and Remodeling Show this weekend.  This is an event that has been going on for the last 60 years and is held indoors at the South Wing of the Kentucky Exposition Center.  The show is produced by the Louisville Home Builders Association and is a showcase for home improvement possibilities.

It seemed there was a large emphasis on outdoor living this year.  There were landscaping displays and covers for your existing deck or patio.  Then, we found over the top displays of what your back yard outdoor living space could become.  Most all of these displays had a fire feature from a regular wood-burning fire pit to one using the convenience of gas.  We both agreed that the burning fire in the middle of the water feature would be spectacular at night.

We found 3 suppliers that dealt in spray on foam insulation.  We learned about the difference in open-cell and closed-cell foam insulation.  Just as important as insulation would be your HVAC system.  We were surprised at the number of companies offering geothermal options.

As real estate agents, we are always urging our clients to be sure and get their biggest bank for the buck.  A bathroom re-model is usually on top of the list.  The bathroom remodel people were well represented and ranged from refinishing your existing tub to a complete demo and makeover.

Also high on the list that helps in resale value of your home is a modern kitchen.  There were vendors exhibiting products to make your existing cabinet space more user-friendly and there were cabinet makers with exquisite cabinetry for your dream kitchen.

No home show would be complete without the full complement of flooring products.  We were expecting to see lots of wood floors and we did.  We were not expecting to see granite floors that were made from scrap pieces of granite countertops.  This recycling effort was definitely thinking out of the box and was quite attractive.

Feel free to comment on what you thought were the highlights of the Louisville Home show, or contact The Hollinden Team and how some of these remodel ideas may add value to your home.

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