Inspection Stickers needed?

One of the agents in our Louisville KY office had questions about repairs, additions, and other items and wanted to know if inspection stickers were needed.  The home in question had a recently built garage with a lot of outlets.  There was a new hot water in the house along with some other newer electrical items.  Her concern was that there were no inspection stickers and wondered if this was legal.  Her second question wondered if a plumber or electrician can inspect and then place an inspection sticker.  Her third question concerned the need for an inspection sticker.

Inspection Sticker

The home in question was built in 1979 in Jeffersontown, KY and was bank owned.  Of course, it was to be purchased “as-is”.  There was no way to determine who had made the plumbing and electrical repairs / improvements in the past.

The Jeffersontown Code Enforcement informed her that there is no Kentucky or city requirement that a permit sticker has to be on the electrical box.  If there are any problems with the electrical box, an electrician can do the repairs. If the electrician is changing something major, he would pull a permit.  However, he would only be verifying the work that he had performed.  In order to verify everything, the electrician or plumber would need to remove the drywall and inspect all of the wiring and/or plumbing.  This could get pretty expensive.

Now the thoughts came to home insurance.  As calls went to the Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance, she was informed that an inspection permit is not a requirement for obtaining home insurance.  They further stated that you cannot be denied a claim if there was a code violation.

All of this information was given to the home buyer to let him make the determination if he wanted to pursue this deal.

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