Is the winter a good time to look for a new home in Louisville, KY?

There are several ways to look at this.

Home Buyers that are relocating do not have much of a choice.  For example, the Ford Motor Relocation has brought an influx of workers into the Metro Louisville area from all across the country.  Most of these workers will start work by February 6th.  Knowing that it often takes 30-45 days to close on their new home purchase, the activity has been brisk as they know that time is of the essence.  Some of the new Ford workers have homes to sell first and will obtain temporary housing before making a home purchase here.  These relocation purchases will drag on for a while.

There are several other reasons that home buyers are looking in the winter.

  • Their lease runs out in the winter time.  They don’t want to sign another 12-month rental agreement, so they are motivated by the end of lease terms.
  • The buyers are current homeowners who are now under contract. They need a new home, now!!!
  • People are always looking for a bargain.  The Foreclosure or Short Sale house may be just what they need for themselves, or to fix up and flip. 
  • Along this same line, investors are looking for opportunities year around.
  • People looking for their “Dream Home”.  They keep an eye out for a few key properties.  When this home hits the market, our “dreamers” don’t want it to slip away.
  • A myriad of personal reasons.  At some point, they are just in the market and The Hollinden Team is there for them.

With all of our buyers, we tell them that the sellers are motivated.  If they were not motivated, homeowners would not have their house on the market in inclement weather. We know that the home buyers are motivated to be out bundled up for cold weather!

 If you have any questions about the Louisville KY home market, contact The Hollinden Team.

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