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Inspection Stickers needed?

One of the agents in our Louisville KY office had questions about repairs, additions, and other items and wanted to know if inspection stickers were needed.  The home in question had a recently built garage with a lot of outlets.  There was a new hot water in the house along with some other newer electrical items.  Her concern was that there were no inspection stickers and wondered if this was legal.  Her second question wondered if a plumber or electrician can inspect and then place an inspection sticker.  Her third question concerned the need for an inspection sticker.

Inspection Sticker

The home in question was built in 1979 in Jeffersontown, KY and was bank owned.  Of course, it was to be purchased “as-is”.  There was no way to determine who had made the plumbing and electrical...

Radon and the second test in Louisville KY

In Louisville, KY and the surrounding counties, we can have a problem with Radon in our houses.  The only way to know is to test. Homes with basements are not the only places that Radon can be found.  Radon can be found in homes with crawl spaces and in homes on a slab foundation.

The Louisville, KY area is in a belt of higher Radon levels.

Radon Levels in KY

 Consumers can ask for free Radon test kit from the state of Kentucky.  This site also has a lot of information including Radon myths.

Most home inspectors offer to test for Radon during their regular home inspection.  Normally, they will set up a meter for at least 48 hours.  The Radon meter will sample once an hour and give you...

Kentucky Housing Corporation

Real Estate agents think that this is a great time to buy with historically low home mortgage rates.  Mortgage loan officers would tell you the same thing.  However, some people have trouble qualifying for a loan and agents are always looking for alternatives.

KY Housing Corporation (KHC) is the state finance agency with very attractive rates.  They are currently quoting rates well under 4% on a 30-year fixed rate loan.  Rates such as these make it much cheaper to own a home or condo then rent an apartment.

Kentucky Spirit

They also have programs for down payment and closing cost assistance.  There is usually a small premium to use their down payment assistance.  KHC works with FHA, VA and RHS loans.  They are not known as a sub-prime...