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Condo Sales in Louisville KY

Many of you are probably wondering if condos and patio homes are really selling. I have done a little research to put some numbers in perspective.

All the figures that follow are for Jefferson County only.  As I write this, there are 5909 listings in Jefferson County; of which 1321 are Condos or Patio Homes. This equates to 22.3% of the total inventory.

I then wanted to see what percentage of total sales are Condos/Patio homes. Since the first of the year, there have been 416 condos sold versus 3148 total units sold; or 13.2%.  In 2009 the figure was 14.1%. For the years 2006-2008, the figure averaged 15%.

This year, we are averaging about 83 Condo or Patio Home sales per month in the Greater Louisville area.  If we stay at this pace, we have a little less than a 16 month supply. Single Family Residential sales to date are 2735 units. This works out to 547 per month or a 8.4 month supply.

So, to summarize, Condos and...

Distressed sales in the Louisville area

Just out of curiousity, I wondered how many sales in our MLS are distressed sales.  In other words, how many are short sales, foreclosures, etc.  My gut told me that as many as half the sales transferred were distressed.
Since the first of the year, there have 2913 Realtor (R) sales recorded in Jefferson County alone.  Our Louisville MLS does not have a check box for short sales or bank owned.  So, I used a few key words in the remarks section and found that 590 were possibly distressed. This is about 20% of all sales.  Now admittedly, some agents will use the phrase "not a short sale", and this would have come up in my total. However, I did not add listings that have comments in the agent notes about a short sale not listed in the general remarks, which would add to the total. So, I think that 20-25% of sales through GLAR were distressed sales of some manner.
Now, to add to this. None of the FSBO data would be included in the above, since...