Ohio River Flood Stage in Louisville KY

Louisville KY is now at its third flood stage of the spring season; with this being the most severe.  At this point, the Ohio River has appeared to crest at 8 feet above flood stage after being forecast at 10 feet.  It has been a major deal to those with homes under water along the Ohio River; a minor inconvenience to most of us that have had to deal with road closings.  There have been several events that have been canceled or postponed.  The Hollinden Team planned on attending Waterfront Wednesday, sponsored by WFPK and the location was changed twice.  The last time, it was sent indoors to Headliners and renamed, “Hell or High Water”.  The great Kentucky Derby Steamboat Race has been postponed until late June.  Surely the Ohio River will subside by then and the river becomes more navigable.  The weather man tells us that it is bound to dry out for the “Greatest Two Minutes in Sports” also known as the Kentucky Derby.

I have relocation clients from out of town in Louisville this week trying to find a home to purchase.  I reassure them that this is not a regular weather pattern for us.  For all of the homeowners under water in a literal sense, we hope the river recedes quickly.

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