Should I list my home in the winter?

 I have conversations with my sellers in the Louisville KY area frequently.  At this time of year, the question comes up about whether to leave the house on the market during the winter months, or even to have the listing active during the holidays.

I think that it comes down to motivation. 

How motivated are Mr. and Mrs. Seller?  I feel sure that the buyers are serious if they are out in Louisville’s winter weather.

So, what is at stake?

  • Inclement weather needs to be addressed.  If it snows, and it does snow in Louisville, the sidewalks need to be cleaned.  It is not a welcoming sight to the buyer’s eyes having to traipse through the snow to get to the front door.
  • Speaking of snow or rain, there needs to be an absorbent welcome mat inside the front door.  If need be, booties could be provided to protect the carpet.
  • The seller does not want to leave their cozy, warm fire; yet the buyers expect to have the house to themselves.  Sacrifices will have to be made.
  • If the sellers truly want their home sold; it has to be shown.  Refusing showings just insures that it will be on the market even longer.
  • There are fewer properties on the market reducing the competition.  Currently this amounts to 20% reduction from normal home inventory. For buyers that need to relocate or purchase immediately, this is a good thing for the sellers.

The Hollinden Team thinks that sellers need to rate themselves on a motivation scale from 1-10.  Is their home on the market to see what happens, or do they want to see it sold?  Contact The Hollinden Team in Louisville KY and let them give you more detail.

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