Should You Sell Your Home in the Winter?

Reasons to Sell Your Home in the Winter

Should You Sell Your Home in the Winter?

We’ve heard it time and time again. “Should I wait until spring to list my home?” The answer is you could, but why wait? Although every season has its benefits when it comes to selling your home, the winter benefits are unique. We’ll cover some of the top reasons to list your home in winter so you can decide if it’s worth listing your home when temperatures drop.

Less Competition

We all know that springtime is filled with competition from other home sellers. Although there’s sometimes fewer buyers in the winter, the lack of inventory will help give you a competitive advantage. According to Dave Ramsey, nearly 93% of all buyers start their home search on the Internet. Unlike the warmer months, online real estate databases won’t be flooded with listings so that you’re likely to receive more exposure.

Job Relocations

Companies often relocate employees during the first quarter of the new year. What does this mean for home sellers? You’ll have a guaranteed group of people looking to find a home quickly. The bonus to that is that companies often offer their relocating employees a credit for moving expenses, sometimes making for a better offer. Plus, relocating buyers typically have a short time frame to find somewhere to live, bringing in more serious buyers to purchase your home.

Potential for a Higher Sales Price

Inventory will be much lower in the winter, giving buyers fewer options for their next home. With fewer homes to choose from and less competition, buyers may be likely to make a full asking price offer.

More Serious Buyers

Keep in mind that you might get more showings in the warmer months, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the buyer is serious. Often, spring/summer will bring some potential buyers that are casual looking but not totally ready to make the move. Who wants to brave through frigid temperatures and snow to look at homes? Buyers in the winter tend to be a little more serious and on a tight deadline. 

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