Understanding Home Prices and Mortgage Rates in 2024

If becoming a homeowner is on your agenda for this year, you're likely closely monitoring the real estate landscape. Information is flowing in from various sources – news outlets, social media, your real estate advisor, and conversations with friends and family. Among the key topics dominating discussions are home prices and mortgage rates.

Key Considerations for Homebuyers:

1. Projecting Home Prices:

When pondering the future of home prices, a valuable resource is Fannie Mae's Home Price Expectations Survey. This comprehensive survey, comprising economists, real estate experts, and market strategists, indicates a projected continuous rise in home prices at least until 2028, as outlined in the latest release Fannie Mae - Home Price Expectations Survey.

The importance lies not just in the percentage of appreciation, which might not match recent years, but in the consistent upward trend forecasted for the next five years. Opting to buy now could mean your home's value growing over time, enhancing your home equity. Waiting, according to these forecasts, might result in a higher cost later on.

2. Navigating Mortgage Rate Trends:

Over the past year, mortgage rates experienced spikes due to economic uncertainties and inflation. However, a positive sign emerges as inflation moderates. History shows that when inflation cools, mortgage rates tend to decrease. Recent weeks have witnessed this phenomenon, and with the Federal Reserve signaling a pause in rate increases and potential cuts in 2024, experts express confidence in a downward trajectory Realtor.com - Mortgage Rate Trends.

Danielle Hale, Chief Economist at Realtor.com, anticipates continued easing of mortgage rates in 2024, providing affordability relief for homebuyers. The National Association of Realtors predicts a decline from recent highs, improving housing affordability and enticing more homebuyers back into the market NAR - Mortgage Rates.


For those contemplating homeownership, understanding the trajectory of home prices and mortgage rates is crucial. While future predictions are never absolute, staying informed with the latest data can guide you in making well-informed decisions. Let's stay connected so you can stay updated on developments and capitalize on the favorable news in the real estate market.

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