Why Your Home Isn't Selling in Louisville

Your home has sat on the market for months. You get occasional showings, but no offers on your home. Why isn’t your home selling in Louisville? You think you have a beautiful home but maybe there are a few things missing. If you are having issues selling your home in Louisville, consider some of these suggestions:  

Asking Price is Too High-  Don’t list your home for what you think your home is worth, list your home for what it is actually worth. T.J. Hollinden with the Hollinden Team says this is the most common reason why a home won’t sell. A real estate agent will be able to look at comparable homes in your neighborhood and determine the best price to list your home. Remember, if a buyer is obtaining a loan to purchase your home, he/she will need to get an appraisal. If a home is way overpriced, the buyer can only receive financing for what the home is actually worth. This means the buyer will have to come out of pocket for the remainder of the sales price. Many times, this will ruin a deal and you will likely have to put your home back on the market.  Read More...

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