Buying a Home in Louisville Kentucky and surrounding counties

If you are looking to buy a home in the Jefferson County area, there are lots of things that you need to know. Often, people just want to start searching for a home to get their feet wet. We have created a page titled MLS Search Instructions to help with this.

Type of home? What kind of house are you looking for to be your home? How many bedrooms, bathrooms? Ranch, 2-story, basement? Real hardwood floors or manufactured? Ceramic or Porcelain tile? How big should the yard be and do you need a pool?
Price range? At what price levels are we comfortable?
Financing? There are lots of choices in lenders and terms. We also have a mortgage calculator on the site. Buyers can input their own numbers to see how much house they can afford and what their payments will be. It also lets you plug in property taxes and home insurance. This is a great tool! More information is available here.
Distressed Properties? Do we want to look for a foreclosed home? Bank owned or REO? Perhaps a short sale with a distressed homeowner? We are licensed and approved to help you buy HUD homes.
New, custom built home? Are you looking for a professional builder?  What is a good age for your home? What are your tastes in decorating? Are you contemporary or classic?
Freshly remodeled home? Or perhaps, you would like to buy one that has needs remodeling. Are you handy enough to do the remodel, or will you need professional help?
Basement? Finished or one that needs finishing? Do you plan on finishing it yourself or getting a certified contractor?
Neighborhood? Is it close to work? Close to shopping? Schools? Church? Is it an older established neighborhood? What are the HOA fees and what are the neighborhood standards?
What about the yard? Does it have irrigation? Is the grass established? Does it have mature trees? Are the bushes established, young, or overgrown?
Garage? 1-car versus 2-cars or more. What does a 2.5 car garage really mean? Will your car fit in the garage? Does the driveway allow room to enter the garage? Do you want a front entry garage? Side entry? Rear entry? Lower level? Detached?

Once you find the house that could be your home, what are the steps from here? Making offers, setting up inspections, loan application, appraisals, and closings are just some of the things that concern us.
Feel free to call us for help with your search. We are trained professionals that are proud to be members of the local Greater Louisville Association of Realtors®(GLAR), the Kentucky Association of Realtors®(KAR), and the National Association of Realtors® (NAR).