1. Determine MUST-HAVE Property Features -- bedrooms, baths, basements, privacy fence, etc.? Our selections will meet these requirements.
  2. Decide on NICE-TO-HAVE Features -- hardwood floors, neighborhood, 2.5-car garage, etc.?
  3. And... What if we can't get all of these -- which have priority?
  4. Decide on objectionable property features -- Trains, highway, landscaping, etc.
  5. See a Lender and Obtain a Pre-approval Letter (usually by phone).
  6. View Houses with me until you have found THE right house. No pressure to move quickly or settle!
  7. Decide on special conditions -- appliances to stay, swing set, closing on a certain date? All of these affect the value of your offer to the seller.
  8. Write offer to purchase - You tell me what you want, and I do the rest.
  9. Negotiate terms and price over 2-3 days until final agreement.
  10. Perform inspections - overall home, wood-destroying insects, radon, site survey.
  11. Write inspection repair request and negotiate final agreement.
  12. Wait while loan is finalized, title search completed and closing arrangements made. 
  13. Now it is time to close and move in.