Buyer Testimonials for Louisville KY home purchases

Jennifer & Justin buy a home in Shakes Run

Steve Dobbs assisted Jennifer and Justin in their purchase of a lovely home in Shakes Run in Fisherville. Such a great couple to work with! 

Victoria & Scott buy a home in flatrock ridge

Beth Kreakie helped Victoria and Scott buy a beautiful home in Flatrock Ridge. We loved working with you guys!

Kathleen and Kelley buy a home in Avondale in Hikes Point

Tera Hollinden helped Kathleen and Kelley find a beautiful home in Avondale. It was a pleasure working with this wonderful couple!

Brie and Sarah buy a home in Lyndon

TJ Hollinden represented Brie and Sarah in the purchase of a fabulous home in Lyndon. We loved working with you both!

Ali buys a home in Mt Washington KY

Ali had lived in an apartment for quite a while and was ready to move on. She signed up on The Hollinden Team website and Steve contacted her.  He sent her a few suggestions and set up an appointment.  They looked at 2 houses and one was perfect for Ali. We used a Rural Housing loan backed by USDA. A few bumps along the road, but Steve and Katie King from Signature Mortgage got the job done!

Adam Hayes buys his first Louisville Home

Adam knew that one of the best ways to build equity is to purchase a home.  Who wants to give a landlord money for eternity? Adam also realized that he would also realize some tax advantages. He had ample help from Jennifer McKinney at the Mortgage Warehouse and Jennifer Ingram from The Hollinden Team walked him through the process. Adam was very satisfied with the entire process.

Bob and Cindy HOme sale and patio home purchase

Bob and Cindy were thinking about selling their home in Brooks Hickory Hollow. Steve Dobbs listed it on a Monday and had multiple offers by Wednesday. They then scrambled and found them a patio home by Saturday.  What a whirlwind of activity! Bob and Cindy give a rousing testimonial for Steve Dobbs and Jennifer

Dana and Jeremy home purchase

Dana and Jeremy were looking to start a life in a new home. Dana is the exercise instructor at Pure Fitness on Mellwood. Dana found that Steve Dobbs was a Real Estate Agent and the rest was history.  They were first time home buyers and Steve and Jennifer Ingram helped them find a new home that fit their budget and get them to the closing with a lender and a great program.

Portland Home Purchase

Rod Lemon decided to relocate from Campbellsville, KY to Louisville, KY.  What better way to feel out a neighborhood than ride your bike. He found a house he liked listed by The Hollinden Team, called Steve, and the rest is history.

Glenmary Condo Purchase

Dean and Vicky Janes were looking for an investment condominium in the Glenmary area.  Steve showed them several units and we found the best deal in a 3-bedroom unit that was in a recent foreclosure. Based on Steve's advice, they were able to obtain financing and get a super deal on their investment.

Military Relocation

Nick and Kate Jewel were a military relocation.  Steve had shown them a few homes, but nothing clicked for them. A new home came on the market in La Grange and Steve Dobbs was the first Real Estate Agent to show the house to some friend's of the Jewels. We made an offer with electronic signatures and were off to the races. The first time that either of them saw the home was the day before the home closing.  This a good example of how technology can work and some faith in their real estate agent.  This video was done just after the close..

FHA 203K renovation for Fannie Mae Sale

 I am writing you to say "Thank You" for all of your hard work on helping me and my family find our home in Jeffersontown, KY.   I was not looking for a realtor when you and I met back in September of 2010, but MAN am I glad I had your guidance through this whole process.  I must tell you that I was very skeptical of getting all of the paperwork and approvals needed in order to get in my house using an FHA 203K loan and with your help it happened!
Buying a home is not something a person does very often, but with your knowledge and persistence it made my job as the customer/buyer much easier in my search.  You were a pleasure to deal with and your knowledge of the industry was a great asset to have when I had questions or needed help.  I also appreciate you being at the closing of the loan just in case there were any questions or issues.  The customer service and attention to detail I received from you and The Hollinden Team was second to none!!
If the opportunity arises in the future, I will highly recommend you and your company EVERY time that I have the chance.
 Have a great week and I would be more than happy to be a reference for you if needed.  Thank you again!
Brian Broderick

Illinois relocation

Hi Steve,
Just wanted to thank you for all your efforts in finding the right house for me. It's not just your being prompt, and hard working that I appreciate but you were always working for my best interest. Your ability to communicate and work with other agents was very helpful.  I truely believe you go above and beyond the normal expectations of an agent. I would gladly recommend you to my friends and family.
Joyce P.

St. Louis, Missouri Relocation

My wife and I recently relocated from St. Louis, MO to Louisville, KY due to our jobs.  We had a home in St. Louis to sell and wanted to purchase in Louisville.  Fortunately our employer was providing assistance with our move and assigned us a realtor by a relocation company.  For the past year we looked at properties on-line and were scheduled to go on a House hunting trip when a property that we were interested in went into foreclosure, or so we thought.  We asked our agent to check into it for us and he said he would.  He stated it went into foreclosure and did not seem interested to assist.  We were disappointed and decided to contact the listing agency ourselves and this was a phone call that we are so very grateful we made, because that’s when we met Steve Dobbs.  Now I know a little bit about Real Estate, I was an agent for two years and it was always my practice to assist the buyer/seller as much as I could.  When we explained the situation to Steve, he stated he would find out what’s going on and contact us.  He contacted us the same day and provided us the information we requested.  At that point, we wanted Steve as our agent.  We contacted the relocation company and gained authorization to fire our agent and to work with Steve.  Best decision we ever made.  We came on our House hunting trip and Steve had every property mapped out and he made it easy, despite the number of properties we looked at.  It had been 12 years since I had been in Real Estate and I was impressed with how knowledgeable Steve was with the process.  His cheerful demeanor and knowledge of Real estate along with the area we were looking at proved to be invaluable.  Once we decided on a property we were interested in, Steve provided us his home office to utilize since we were without a personal computer while transitioning.  In addition, the relocation company provided us with a mortgage company as well and we were pre-approved, when we were ready to purchase,  I contacted our mortgage counselor and they informed me he was no longer with the company.  Needless, to say, the wife and I were upset that we were not notified and also they were not aware I was pre-approved with them.  That’s when Steve came to the rescue again.  He provided us with several mortgage companies, and I was able to get pre-approved again quickly.  Each time during the process when paperwork or documents had to be provided, Steve assisted with his expertise and guidance and ensured the mission was accomplished.  I personally recommend Steve Dobbs for your Real Estate needs.  He not only goes the extra mile and has the knowledge which is critical when purchasing and selling a home, but also is hard charging and is quick to derive to a successful solution.  Steve is the epitome of a true hard charging, experienced Real Estate agent that goes above and beyond to make the process that much easier for the client.  I truly wish him the best success and future in the business.
p.s.  We love our new home.

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