When you find a home you want, we will write an offer to purchase. We use a standard agreement provided by the Greater Louisville Association of Realtors. Following are the key points:

  • The amount that we are willing to pay and our source of funds.
  • We will also state that we are pre-approved.
  • The non-ordinary items that we want the seller to leave.
  • The earnest money that we will put up to show the seller that we are serious.
  • Appraisal contingency.
  • We will state when we want possession.
  • Do we want a survey? We always recommend this. Typically, the buyer will pay.
  • We acknowledge that we have read the seller’s disclosure.
  • We will check off on the whether we want a home warranty package.
  • We will decide on the types of home inspections that we want. Typically the buyer pays for these.
  • Do we want a home warranty?
  • How long does the seller have to respond?


  1. An offer is not a contract until BOTH parties have signed it with the same terms. It can be withdrawn at any time PRIOR to both parties' signatures.

  2. The seller may send back a counter-offer, perhaps for a higher price, with different possession dates, etc.  The buyers may counter and the seller may counter again, etc.  Once the receiving party signs and accepts, a contract has been signed.  {Keep in mind, once you counter, the previous deal is off the table.  If you change your mind and are willing to take the initial offer, it will need to be offered again.}

  3. If you have inspections done, you can ask to be released from the contract with no questions asked.

  4. Unless you breach the agreement, your earnest money check is refundable. Normally, it is simply applied to the purchase price.

  5. Your earnest money check must be deposited to the broker's escrow account within 72 hours.