What is the home inspection? It is your opportunity to have licensed inspectors or contractors go through the home in detail, providing a report of condition or issues to you. This applies to code, safety or usability issues. You will then have the opportunity under our contract to walk away from the contract or request the seller to correct defects.

What it isn't:
Reason to ask the seller to change property, paint, or make cosmetic repairs.

inspection PROCESS:

  • We will decide what form of inspections you may require on a given house, but you should always have a basic home inspection and wood-destroying insect inspection. $300-$400 total.
  • We will write a formal request for repairs and I will present it to the seller's agent.
  • Seller will respond in writing to our request.
  • The seller can agree to correct all problems you note, some of them, or none of them.
  • We will have about three days to evaluate the response and negotiate final terms.
  • If we can't reach an acceptable solution, you can walk away from the deal with no cost to you.
  • If we do reach an acceptable solution (95% of the time, we will), then we remove the inspection contingency in writing and the contract is binding.
  • Seller will make agreed upon repairs and we will inspect the home about three days prior to closing to ensure everything is as it should be.
Remember -- if we buy a home for you at a very low price or the seller obviously has no funds, it will affect the way we approach repairs.