louisville metro Government

Louisville and Jefferson County are the nation's 30th largest city. The city has become much more efficient in police, fire and EMS services. You can read about the official details of the merger.

Getting your driver's license in Jefferson County

As you move to the area, one of the first things that you will need is a new driver's license. Louisville has several convenient locations listed below.

  • St. Matthews/Bowman Field: 3501 Roger Schupp Street
  • Downtown: 718 West Main Street Suite 100
  • Southeast: 7201 Outer Loop
  • Southwest: 7219 Dixie Highway
  • East: 200 Juneau Drive

You will need to surrender your old license. And, if you come from out of state, be prepared with additional identification. A social security card would be a good choice.

Getting your Jefferson County vehicles licensed

You will then want to get your vehicles licensed. Again, Louisville makes it fairly easy. This process happens at the Jefferson County Clerk's Office. There are seven locations scattered around the Louisville community.

If you want to see how busy each location is before you go, there is a webcam of each Jefferson County Clerk's office to show you the current crowd, or not.

  • Downtown-531 Court Place
  • West-2900 W. Broadway
  • Dixie-4919-F Dixie Highway
  • Fairdale-10616 West Manslick Road
  • Highview-7813 Beulah Church Road
  • Jeffersontown-10420 Watterson Trail
  • East-12312-A Shelbyville Road
  • Westport-9451 Westport Road, Suite 117

Bring your old title with you and proof of liability insurance. If coming from out of state, bring proof of the out of state sales tax paid. The whole process is relatively painless.

The Jefferson County Clerk has more on the facets of getting your boats, cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc. licensed.

If you are bringing your vehicle from out of state, you will need a sheriff's inspection. This is a cursory inspection of the car to ensure that the safety features of the car are working. Check your brake lights, headlights, etc before you go. There is a deputy sheriff on duty at the following locations. There is a small additional fee ($5) for this service.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's inspection can be found at:

  • Downtown- 810 West Market St.
  • South West- 4919-F Dixie Highway
  • South- 10616 W Manslick Rd.
  • East- 9455 Westport Rd. Suite 117
  • Central- 7813 Beulah Church Rd.

Voting in Jefferson County

You can register to vote when you get your driver's license. You should be able to find your Jefferson County voting precinct and voting location online. By entering your street address, you can dig deeper and find your specific representatives and officials.


Our United States Senators serve the entire state. They are currently Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul.

Our United States Representatives come from the second and third districts. Currently, Brett Guthrie serves as our 2nd district representative. John Yarmuth serves as our 3rd district representative.

Our State Senators are:

  • 10th --Dennis Parrett
  • 19th--Morgan McGarvey
  • 26th--Ernie Harris
  • 33rd--Gerald A. Neal
  • 35th--Denise Harper Angel
  • 36th--Julie Raque Adams
  • 37th--Perry B. Clark
  • 38th--Dan "Malano" Seum

Our State Representatives are:

  • 28th--Charles W. Miller
  • 29th--Kevin D. Bratcher
  • 30th--Thomas J. Burch
  • 31st--Steve Riggs
  • 32nd--Phil Moffett
  • 33rd--Ron Crimm
  • 34th--Mary Lou Marzian
  • 35th--Jim Wayne
  • 37th--Jeffery Donohue
  • 38th--Denver Butler
  • 40th--Dennis L. Horlander
  • 41st--Tom Riner
  • 42nd--Reginald K. Meeks
  • 43rd--Darryl T. Owens
  • 44th--Joni L. Jenkins
  • 46th--Larry Clark
  • 48th--Bob M. DeWeese
  • 59th--David W. Osborne 

Our Louisville Metro Government has 26 districts:

  • District 1--Jessica Green
  • District 2--Barbara E. Shanklin
  • District 3--Mary Woolridge
  • District 4--David Tandy
  • District 5--Cheri Bryant Hamilton
  • District 6--David James
  • District 7--Angela Leet
  • District 8--Tom Owen
  • District 9--Bill Hollander
  • District 10--Pat Mulvihill
  • District 11--Kevin J. Kramer
  • District 12--Rick Blackwell
  • District 13--Vicki Aubrey Welch
  • District 14--Cindi Fowler
  • District 15--Marianne Butler
  • District 16--Kelly Downard
  • District 17--Glen E. Stuckel
  • District 18--Marilyn Parker
  • District 19--Julie Denton
  • District 20--Stuart Benson
  • District 21--Dan Johnson
  • District 22--Robin J. Engel
  • District 23--James Peden
  • District 24--Madonna Flood
  • District 25--David Yates - President
  • District 26--Brent T. Ackerson 

There are 7 Jefferson County School District members:

  • Diane Porter, Vice-Chairperson- District 1
  • David Jones Jr., Chairperson- District 2
  • Stephanie Horne- District 3
  • Chuck Haddaway- District 4
  • Linda Duncan- District 5
  • Dr. Lisa Willner-District 6
  • Chris Brady- District 7