Having a full-time, full-service REALTOR represent you has its advantages.

Professional representation: We will be your personal representative and will provide you with fiduciary services and commitment, not a simply functionary. We will advise and consult with you holding your hand all the way to close.

Personal specialist: It's similar to hiring an accountant to help you file income taxes or a mechanic to fix your car. If you had the time to master those specialties, you would be doing your own taxes and fixing your car. But who has that sort of time? Besides, most people will sell only two homes in their lifetime, and two real estate transactions in a lifetime will not turn anyone into a real estate specialist.

Objectivity: Our job is to point out all the pros and cons of all the decisions you will be making throughout the home-selling process. We will even tell you things you may not want to hear because as your consultant, we want you to make informed decisions, not emotionally-based decisions.

Convenience: These days, it's nearly impossible to sell a home all by yourself without it turning into a part-time job.

Full Service NOT a “No Service” or “Limited Service” company:  The Hollinden Team provides the most skilled expertise of full and complete real estate services. No compromises. No menus of what you can do without for a lower real estate fee. “No Service” agencies are just that. The Hollinden Team will make arrangements for contractors, negotiate a contract for maximum price, arrange for lawn care while you are out of town, and much more. And, lastly, without the experience of a full-time real estate marketing background, how will you be able to make an informed decision on what marketing/prospecting you can "let go of" or not?

Remember, it is the combination of many things that sells your home.